Julie Ericsson


Born in Sweden (1957), Lives and works in Halmstad, Sweden

Sculptor and photographer

Director of Cultural Association Harp Art Lab

Education: Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia



I am an artist working with painting, photography, sound and sculpture. I have been exhibited in art galleries in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and Sweden. Some of my early works represented paintings of the Scandinavian mythology. I created everything from small paintings to big oil paintings. Each one representing a part of the fascinating Scandinavian mythology. I consider my self lucky to be living in such an historical place as southern Sweden. I'm surrounded by history and especially history that is closely related to the vikings and Scandinavian mythology.


In 2010 I founded Harp Art Lab with my husband Mikael Ericsson. It is an international sound art laboratory located in Harplinge windmill on the Swedish west coast. The lab is a unique platform for developing innovative and interdisciplinary ideas and we work with artists and communities of interest to create performances and installations. As a Director of Harp Art Lab I coordinate the art projects, sound art festivals, marketing and public relations. When we bought the windmill I found a great amount of materials and I collected many of these unique items and gave them my own personal touch in a series of sculptures and mobiles called MILL PIECES.


In 2012 I started the photo project, ATTIMI, focusing on rural areas in Sweden. The ambition is to capture the moments in the ever-changing nature. In my latest work, HEAVEN, I combine sound and climate change in a site specific installation at Harp Art Lab. In a large cube of plexiglass sculptural mobiles of prisms and reused materials create an universe of light and sound. Heaven is an ever-changing installation in the interplay between light, sound and the impact of nature. From this work a new series of photos, videos and installations are produced for public spaces, gardens and indoor environments.



2016 Heaven - an installation at Halmstads Konsthall, Sweden

2015 Bzzz International Sound Art Festival, Harp Art Lab, Sweden

2014 Videoinstallation, Jönköpings Länsmuseum, Sweden

2014 KK International Sound Art Festival, Koncert Kirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Supermarket 2014 Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Sweden

2014 Halland - från romantiken till samtid, Mjellby Konstmuseum, Halmstad, Sweden

2012 Attimi, Harp Art Lab, Sweden

2011 Mill Pieces, Harp Art Lab, Sweden

2007 Latin Amerikan Art Museum, Miami, USA

2006 Art Fair Den Haag, Holland

2005 Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain

2005 ART Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2004 Association de Culture d´Art, Paris, France

2003 Galleri De Lange Litani, Gent, Belgium

2003 Comune di Castello di Annone, Asti, Italy

2002 Gallery United Art, Halmstad, Sweden

2001 Galleri Valvet, Malmö, Sweden



2011 The city Hall, Halmstad municipal, Sweden

2015 Heaven, Harp Art Lab, Sweden



Comune di Castello di Annone, Asti, Italy

The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona

Halmstad Municipal, Sweden

Region of Halland, Sweden

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